Always trading up on the opportunity to craft beautiful moments, their individual natures perfectly complement each other. Him, a multi-tasker with an eye for detail, be it in the kitchen or the boardroom. Her, more grounded and nested, while yielding a soft strength that smooths out all edges.

Together, the Hehir's represent the epitome of perfect, luxury hospitality but always with an unquestionable personal touch.

Behind every power couple is a meeting of minds and a shared vision. For Mark and Napha Hehir, it's a paired ambition to be dream weavers of experiences that create beautiful, memories, effortlessly and forever.

A life shared across five different counties and numerous luxury resorts in exotic locales, the bubbly couple's ethos to live a "life love circle that continuously evolves and ensures a happy, balanced and healthy life" is a philosophy they live, breathe and share with all they come across.

Hehir's story