Owners representative Services
We represent the owners and investors to negotiate the best deal for management company/brands worldwide. We provide full audits, reports/plans of action.

Master Planning Consultancy
We believe that any investors or owners contemplating capital investment in a specific site should develop a clear master plan which justifies the investment, lays the foundation for future investment and sets out how this is to be achieved. It should be a working document which is used and modified as functions, objectives and other parameters change.
Our approach is to achieve four main objectives:
Align the site with a clear strategy based on the feasibility study and justification for capital investment which clearly highlights the benefits to the business 
Thoroughly assess the gaps with the current site and its readiness to achieve the objectives set out by its management team 
Set out a phased capital investment over an agreed time period with cash flow and risk analysis which is clearly presented 
Provide a hotel/resort brief to the architect and work towards a conclusion of the master plan

There are three phases to reach the objectives:

Strategic intent and gap analysis
Feasibility design and option development
Assessment of options and presentation of final report

Pre-opening Consultancy
The first year of a hotel or resort is fundamental for its positioning. An organized opening of the hotel assures a greater efficiency of service and guest satisfaction and as consequence they assure better cost effectiveness, revenue opportunities and operating projects.

Our approach is as follows:

Feasibility study
Hotel/resort and facilities brief
Consulting during design and build stages of the project
Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines
Developing of food and beverage operating concepts
Identification, hiring, training of department heads and operational personnel
Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment
Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations and sales plan

Brand Creation / Brand Identity Consultancy
Hotel brand names can be a big part of the marketing of any type of hospitality ventures. One must either be purchased through a franchise license agreement or membership or created independently. A brand helps provide an identity and a sense of consistency. Creation of a brand is something Boutique Luxury Resort Services can provide to investors and owners based on the brief of expectation and market environment study, all deliverables including brand identity manual. Brand creation includes three phases: